A Decade Long Partnership Lives on With Pacific University

In 2007, Oregon’s Pacific University installed their first FieldTurf system. Four years later, they chose FieldTurf again, for their indoor multi-sport fieldhouse. Now, 10 years after their initial installation, the Boxers have announced they’ve selected FieldTurf to replace their existing field. 

Director of Athletics, Ken Schumann said FieldTurf has continued to prove to be durable and versatile.

“We … have been pleased with the playability and durability of the FieldTurf products we have installed for our athletic programs,” said Schumann. “The indoor turf installed in our fieldhouse has been tremendous. It has held up very well in the five years since we installed it.”


The Pacific Boxers opted for Classic HD, the same system installed at high profile venues such as Ford Field, Home of the Detroit Lions, TCF Bank Stadium – University of Minnesota, Ohio State University, Syracuse University and over 500 esteemed NCAA and elite high school facilities across the nation. 

Classic HD uses slit-film yarn that strikes the perfect balance between durability and feel.
Every Classic HD fiber features a thick design and precision cut pattern that make it an industry leader in reducing “splash,” which is what happens when granules from the infill system splashes up upon impact. 

“The Classic HD is the next generation version of what we currently have and we have been very pleased with the current turf which has lasted for 10 years while receiving a great amount of use,” Schumann told us.


Another advantage to Pacific University’s new surface is their tremendous ability to drain water via a finger-coated backing system. A key feature in areas like Oregon and Washington, where frequent rains have the potential to flood out fields and cause practice and game cancellations.

“We chose FieldTurf over natural grass for the durability and playability in the type of weather we see here in the Northwest,” Schumann said, “where it rains frequently and wet, unplayable grass fields are common in the late fall, winter and spring.”

Schumann went on to say that the new turf at Hanson Stadium will be used by the university’s soccer teams, women’s lacrosse team and local club soccer programs.

Source: FieldTurf