FieldTurf Builds the Field of the Future Greats

​When Business Insider named Washington D.C.’s St. Albans school the smartest boarding school in the country, they were onto something.

That same year, St. Albans finished work on a $22 million renovation of their athletic facilities. The project called for three new multipurpose fields. St. Albans chose FieldTurf, the industry leader in artificial turf surfacing.

The school’s students welcomed the new fields; it was time for a change. St. Albans’ baseball and football fields were particularly run-down, and, for a top-flight athletic and academic school, that just wouldn’t cut it.

“The Athletic Department teaches boys the value of hard work and discipline in attaining any goal and helps them develop lifelong habits of physical fitness,” Athletic Director Gary Schnell said in promotional material for the renovation. “The new fields will enhance this positive experience for all our students.”

St. Albans’ three fields cover more than 224,000 square feet and will provide industry-leading performance for the school’s football, soccer, lacrosse, baseball and track programs.

St. Albans’ boasts a long list of notable alumni featuring the 68th United States Secretary of State, John Kerry, Marriott International Chairman, J. W. Marriott, Jr., NFL Hall of fame inductee, Jonathan Ogden, and current New York Giants WR, Odell Beckham Jr.


St. Albans opted to give their athletic teams FieldTurf’s Classic HD system, “a great choice” FieldTurf says, considering what the conditions and hours of use per week.

Winter temperatures in the nation’s capital dip into the teens and athletic fields all over the city are subject to snow and freezing temperatures. Not only that, but they endure thousands of hours of athletes running, jumping, cutting and planting as they practice and compete.

St. Albans' choice for a Classic HD field was an intelligent one as the systems' technology and construction has proven durability and performance.


While some manufacturers sacrifice feel to get a stronger playing surface, FieldTurf has remained committed to providing a carefully crafted system to maximize durability and safety, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. As we say, it's a Beauty and a Beast.


St. Albans’ Classic HD system is the same surface installed at high profile venues such as Lucas Oil Stadium, Ford Field, Syracuse University, University of Illinois, Ohio State University and over 500 other esteemed NCAA and elite high school facilities across North America.

Source: FieldTurf