FieldTurf Introduces the Player Innovation Committee to Learn From Professional Athletes

The FieldTurf Innovation & Performance Center has partnered with four National Football League athletes to launch the Player Innovation Committee, a new program focused on learning directly from the player to fuel meaningful innovation in performance and safety.

As a company, FieldTurf has an unwavering commitment to innovation, dating back to their invention of long-pile infilled turf, which revolutionized the industry. Since, FieldTurf has grown an idea and a profound passion into a global company with over 20,000 installations worldwide.

The FieldTurf Innovation & Performance Center works diligently to improve FieldTurf systems but without an established forum of continuous communication, the center lacks feedback from one of its most essential user groups, the athletes. 

To help bridge the gap between manufacturer and athlete, FieldTurf has recruited four active National Football League athletes to help understand their concerns, questions and feedback. The following members have officially joined the Player Innovation Committee to voice their views:

  • Robert Woods - Los Angeles Rams, Wide Receiver
  • Kenny Golladay - Detroit Lions, Wide Receiver
  • Budda Baker - Arizona Cardinals, Safety
  • Fred Warner - San Francisco 49ers, Safety

Over the next few months, the members of The FieldTurf Innovation & Performance Center and the Player Innovation Committee will meet to discuss their experience with artificial turf and how innovation and product development could help improve artificial turf for high-level athletes. Former professional quarterback and FieldTurf Sales Consultant, Neil O'Donnell will be assisting with the group in order to moderate and bridge the conversation.

While the Player Innovation Committee is new, the concept isn't. Customers have always played an important part in our innovation journey. Our recently released baseball and softball series, FieldTurf DoublePlay & ThripleThreat, was inspired and created in part with the collaboration of a collection of coaches and players.

The Player Innovation Committee is another way FieldTurf is helping Change The Game.

Source: FieldTurf