FieldTurf Trackable Fuels the Next Generation of Sports Surfacing

FieldTurf was born from a drive to Change The Game for athletes. That same drive continues to propel us forward to this day. Today, we’re excited to announce our latest technology: FieldTurf Trackable.

By using advanced multi-camera geometry, performance analytics and physics modeling, Trackable helps translate drone imagery into tangible learnings. The system analyzes everything that interacts with the ball and surface to help improve and tune our current and future systems.

Relying on our eyes and gut was never enough for FieldTurf. We rely on science and results to make key decisions on system design and material selection.

“Trackable showcases our unwavering dedication to quality and innovation.” Said Darren Gill, Senior Vice-President of Marketing & Innovation at FieldTurf “As industry leaders, we pride ourselves on helping push the limits of product technology and system engineering forward. Our entire team is excited by the possibilities Trackable opens up for FieldTurf.”

Trackable, patent-pending, is already powering FieldTurf DoublePlay, our latest baseball system, and is currently being utilized to help craft future innovations.

Developed at the FieldTurf Innovation & Performance Center, Trackable is primed to emerge as the most technologically advanced tool in recent years, not only for evaluating performance characteristics but also to revolutionize system design.

We will never conform to conventional product-development norms. That’s why as leaders, we’re excited to keep pushing the limits of the industry and continue to set the pace.

Source: FieldTurf