Harrison High School Leads the Way in Cobb County

Cobb County’s Harrison High School is leading the way for FieldTurf in the area. Administrators recently opted to replace the school’s field with a new FieldTurf system.

After playing several years on a competing system, Matt Moody, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director at Harrison High School, felt like it was time for a change. The school received several proposals, but said FieldTurf’s rose to the top due to product quality, safety and expedient installation process.

"As vendors came by to discuss their newest product, I began researching which company offered the highest performing turf and concluded that it was FieldTurf and their product, Revolution 360."

Matt Moody, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

“As we began the process to re-turf our stadium playing surface at Harrison High School, we wanted to look at the improvements that have been made in the turf industry since our original installation in March of 2006.” said Moody. “As vendors came by to discuss their newest product, I began researching which company offered the highest performing turf and concluded that it was FieldTurf and their product, Revolution 360. I visited several fields around the state and was especially impressed with the Berry College surface which was Revolution. The performance level that the Revolution 360 (the latest Revolution product) offers was critical in our choosing as we wanted the safest, most durable, and aesthetically pleasing surface for our athletes to compete on. Another important factor was the support that the Field Turf staff provided, including their sales team, install crew, and maintenance support. Now that we’ve played a football season on this new surface and will soon play lacrosse and soccer, our coaches and players have all been impressed with the quality of this new FieldTurf product. We’re very fortunate at Harrison to have the highest performing turf in the industry in our stadium complex.”

The new surface will have to endure hours of competition and practice from several different sports in the schools’ thriving athletic program, which includes the Hoyas’ football team, who made it to the second round of the state playoffs this past season.


While hundreds of Georgia high schools and colleges have chosen FieldTurf as their athletic surface, Harrison is the first of 16 schools in Cobb County to do so. FieldTurf representatives say they feel like there could be many more to join the team in the future.


The main factor in Harrison High School’s decision was the simple, straightforward installation process of FieldTurf artificial turf systems. The process, completed in less than 60 days, is divided into two parts: building the base and installing the turf.

FieldTurf works with schools to come up with a tailored excavation and preparation plan that takes place over an average of 26 days.

Once the field is prepped, it takes less than a month to unload and lay out the turf, sew it together, add field markings and customized logos, clean up the area and do final testing. 


Harrison’s talented athletes and coaches will be practicing and playing on a Revolution 360 field, the most advanced turf system on the market.

Named after the concept of completeness, Revolution 360 is the industry’s first fiber to have achieved a score of 83 on the Fiber Performance Index (FPI). Introduced to the marketplace by Labosport – a leading laboratory dedicated to sports surfaces and equipment – as part of the latest addition to its Certification Program, Labosport’s FPI establishes the ultimate fiber ‘index’ – the rating of an artificial turf fiber, to help prospective turf buyers understand and weigh the individual qualities of a turf fiber.

FieldTurf’s Revolution 360 turf system is also the only one in the industry to score perfect 10’s in the rigorous Lisport test at Penn State University’s Center for Sports Surface Research. Fibers from the turf showed no signs of failure after 150,000 testing cycles.

Harrison High School has now joined the over 100 schools and organizations across Georgia who've chosen FieldTurf. A list which includes the Atlanta Falcons, Atlanta United and the University of Georgia Bulldogs.

Source: FieldTurf