Introducing FieldTurf Genius, the World's First Smart Sports Field

Imagine a sports field that could automatically track the number of athletes playing, hours of use, and send maintenance alerts when needed. Imagine that it could then deliver in-depth reporting on executed maintenance and usage, allowing you to optimize scheduling, utilization and care.

The future has arrived! Introducing FieldTurf Genius, powered by Intelligent Play.

The game-changing technology is designed to help maximize the longevity, playability and safety of a sports field. As well as allow facility owners to track maintenance, plan more efficiently and monitor usage.

Two sensors are mounted to the facility lights or stadium press box and automatically process and convert the recordings into anonymous data for analysis. Through advanced computer vision and deep learning algorithms, live field participation is translated into tangible data.

The system monitors all on-field activity and translates it into Equivalent Usage Hours (EUH). By determining a quantifiable usage amount, proper maintenance and usage recommendations can be made.

When the field reaches certain milestones, a maintenance alert is issued indicating the needed service: brushing, aerating, raking or sweeping. After the maintenance is completed, an updated heatmap allows facility owners to track the efficiency of the session. A calendar and tracker help teams plan and ensure their field receives the proper care based on its true usage.

Using the online dashboard, advanced facility reporting allows users easy access to field usage history, trends, planned and executed maintenance sessions and detailed heatmaps.

Genius is the latest in FieldTurf’s innovations that help Change the Game for facility owners. Driven to continuously evolve the world of sports surfacing, Genius is a monumental advancement helping shape the future of field management.

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Source: FieldTurf