Introducing PureSelect, FieldTurf's New Natural Olive Infill

Driven by innovation and development, FieldTurf’s latest infill system answers the cry for a natural solution that offers a combination of high performance and simple maintenance.

Introducing PureSelect, FieldTurf’s new alternative natural infill. Made in the U.S. with California olive cores, the system is designed to offer all the natural benefits of a natural infill without the drawbacks.

Lightweight natural infill systems face issues with floatation and infill migration due to heavy rainfall, a problem that is solved with PureSelect due to its heavyweight design. The system doesn’t require irrigation nor annual replenishment, making it the ideal solution for facility owners.

PureSelect is the only natural three-layer system available on the market. Comprised of a bottom layer of silica sand, a mixed middle layer of sand and similarly sized olive cores and a top layer of larger olive cores. As with all natural infill, PureSelect requires the installation of an underlayment system / shock pad under the system.

PureSelect is also available with a CoolPlay top layer, our leading infill cooling technology.


  • Simple Maintenance: PureSelect offers a simple maintenance program without the need for additional irrigation or infill replenishment. Truly facility owner friendly.
  • Heat Reduction: With or without CoolPlay, PureSelect provides a cooler playing surface versus traditional turf systems.
  • Environmentally friendly: PureSelect has been tested to the EN-71- 3 (Part 3) Toy Testing standard - meeting all requirements. Repurposing the olive cores makes the system safe for the environment and your athletes.
  • Locally Produced: PureSelect is proudly made from materials locally produced in the U.S.

PureSelect is the latest addition to FieldTurf’s vast alternative infill family. Not only does infill provide safety protection, but it also sets the foundation for a field’s performance level by offering traction for players to cut, plant and release — just the same as they would on natural grass. It’s key to find the infill that matches your program’s needs. Ask the right questions as not every infill is created equal. Ensure the product is tested safe, delivers performance and durability, as well as manageable with a simple maintenance program.

Source: FieldTurf