"Play It Forward Campaign" Turns Dream Into Reality

The days of Somerset Elementary School’s dusty brown field are long gone.

This past summer, the school chose FieldTurf to replace its existing grass...dirt field. The new surface, showcasing FieldTurf's Classic HD system, was a community effort: The school’s PTA was able to raise nearly $55,000 to go toward the project.

Supporting this incredible community asset will have an impact on our neighborhood and the children who live, learn and play here for years to come.

Somerset Elementary Foundation

Called the “Play It Forward Campaign”, the fundraising effort was an indication of the enthusiasm and the excitement that parents and administrators had about their FieldTurf field.


Somerset Elementary students will run, jump and play on FieldTurf’s leading organic system, PureFill.

The infill is comprised exclusively of natural cork harvested from cork oak trees and doesn’t mix in husks like a competing system. 

Suberin, a natural component found in cork, has properties that make it anti-microbial and anti-allergenic. The cork component of PureFill makes it freeze-proof and fire-resistant while requiring no added irrigation.


Classic HD was carefully crafted to maximize durability and safety, as well as being aesthetically pleasing. A Beauty and a Beast.

FieldTurf Classic HD has been designed to consistently outperform competing slit-film yarns in the industry. Complete with a very strong polymer and the proper concentration of UV stabilizers, the thick design and precision cut pattern of the HD yarn reduces infill splash.

FieldTurf’s Classic HD slit-film artificial turf fiber combines the durability of slit-film yarns with an upgraded production process to deliver the perfect combination of durability and softness. Its unique extrusion and inline precision cutter eliminates excess splitting, for longer-lasting performance and softness. It virtually eliminates any “Edge Decay” that exists on other artificial turf fibers.

Source: FieldTurf